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  • Little lucky pack of unknown content Little lucky pack of unknown content
    Hololatex lucky pack

    The Lucky Pack is a bundle of Hololatex products that remains a mystery until you open it. When ordering, you select a size (both of the pack, and the products within) and theme and we will send you a unique mix of choker necklaces, fashion harnesses and other product from accessories category, whose value will always be at least 30% higher than the price...

    1 000,00 Kč
  • Hololatex gift voucher
    Hololatex gift voucher

    Surprise your loved ones with a Hololatex gift certificate! We offer these vouchers in four basic values of 500, 1 000, 2 000 and 5 000 CZK but also in a custom value of your own choosing. The vouchers can be used with any Hololatex purchase including bespoke items.

    500,00 Kč


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Hololatex is here for you. We are professionals and offer many years of experience in the production of clothing and accessories from alternative materials. We will take care of you from the consultation, through the creation of a perfectly fitting pattern, to the delivery of your dream product.




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