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Latex skirts are clear proof that the material offers much wider crafting possibilities than the usual tight garments that cling to the body like a second skin. When used to make skirts, especially our favourite circle designs, latex becomes pleasantly airy, and represents a great alternative to skirts made of common materials. Our offer includes simple, versatile designs as well as playful and colourful items. And we’ve got skirts for the gents too!

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  • Latex circle skirt

    This latex circle skirt is a very simple and versatile piece of clothing which can be freely combined with other latex or conventional garments. Available in a wide array of colours, sizes XS to XL. Hand-crafted in our workshop.

    59,90 €
  • Latex circle skirt “Dawn”

    Tato latexová kolová sukně nabízí snový design s motivem hvězd a spektrem osmi barev. Dodáváme ji výhradně v této barevné kombinaci a konfekčních velikostech XS až XL. Nabízíme také možnost zhotovení na míru. Původní design a ruční výroba přímo z naší dílny.

    119,90 €
  • Latex skirt “Delicious Pizza”

    An original design, hand-crafted in our workshop. A circle skirt with a playful design, decorated by pizza decals, available in a selection of colours; sizes XS to XL. We also offer you the option of having this item tailored.

    119,90 €
  • Latex kilt "Claymore"

    A simple kilt without folds or ornaments, available in black with a black or grey sporran; sizes XS to XL.

    199,90 €

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