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We are Hugo and Kameko. We are Hololatex.

What did the kinkster tailor say to the kinkster designer? No, that is not a joke – although we are curious what the punchline would be – but rather the beginning of a story. Although we had met several years before, our collaboration began with making costumes for Hell Party 2016. We realised that we shared similar creative interests and were both fascinated by latex fashion.

The idea to start a joint project followed quickly after, with a vision of combining the functional and aesthetic aspects of latex and fulfilling our shared desire to express ourselves through our work. Kameko had been interested in art since she was little and Hugo was practically brought up in an upholstery workshop where he fell in love with craftsmanship. The next step was quite obvious…

We want to offer fashion for fetishists but also for other members of the public who appreciate the beauty of latex. We want to provide a simple way to buy latex in a few clicks, be it basic accessories or custom-tailored clothing. Our first line will be showcased at a fashion show during the Prague Fetish Weekend 2017 event and will be immediately available for purchase in our online store which shall be launched on the same evening.

Allow us to invite you behind the scenes.

Hugo & Kameko